Open Community Map

Create location-based or local community service. Put it on the map.

Our mission

The platform unites local community and location-based projects and initiatives, creating an ecosystem with a common user base, helping the projects grow and develop. And for the end users it means better visibility and communication, and new ways to collaborate more efficiently.

The Platform

One Map

Everything you need to know about a certain area is on one map - updated in real-time.

Requests and offers for help, local places, questions and answers, interesting stories and posts, and a lot more.

Rich components

It's more than just markers on a map. We created rich components making it easier to see and get more information with ability to interact with them.

Filter content

Too much information is a big problem nowadays - we want to reduce the "noise" and show the right amount of information.

The content in the visible area is limited to most relevant and popular.

Direct messages

The platform allows exchanging private direct messages with other platform users, thus preventing the public leaking of sensitive information.


We provide Public API and ability to embed our map into a 3rd party project.

We also have Client SDK providing more flexibility and control for React-based projects.

Powered by Community

The content is moderated by the community helping prevent the fraud and inappropriate information.

The project is Open Source.

Our community

We're a team of volunteers, gathered during several hackathons in April-May 2020 with expertise in IT, Business, EU Programs, Logistics, Hyperlocal marketing and Blockchain.

We're looking for collaborators!

Ready to join?